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Hometown Wedding – Sherry & John – Little Lake Park – Midland, Ontario

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

It’s always a great honour when your own family and friends ask you to photograph momentous occasions in their lives. Last fall, my little sister’s best friend asked me and Krista to capture her long-awaited wedding up in my hometown – Midland, On.

Not only was it a blast to bring one of my very best friends and fab fellow photog/partner-in-crime, Krista Fogel of Fogel Photography to the town where I was born, but Krista and I also got to watch Sherry marry her long-time love, John. The two met online several years ago and they’ve been together ever since – even though they lived nearly 1000km apart! Sherry moved down to Annapolis, Maryland to be with John last year and it’s warmed my soul to watch their love grow even stronger now that they finally live in the same town!

I swear I cried no less than 3x AT the wedding and twice editing their images and then putting together their final slideshow which I’ve shared below with you.

Feel free to leave messages of love and congratulations to Sherry & John in the Comment section at the bottom of the page!


Bride and Bridesmaid Midland Wedding

Bridesmaid Midland Wedding

Bride - Midland Wedding - Little Lake Park Gazebo

Sherry & John - Little Lake Park Wedding

Little Lake Park Wedding

Midland Wedding


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There’s a first for everything! {My First Wedding – 2nd Shooter at Archeo in the Distillery}

Friday, April 15th, 2011

Having gone through my own wedding, attended dozens of others and been involved in a few, I have come to one conclusion: I have ZERO interest in ever becoming a wedding photographer!

I have the utmost respect for Wedding Photographers – they deserve EVERY pennyfor the work they do. The images they capture are literally moments in time. Very. Very. Very. Brief moments in time. There is no do-over. There is one shot. Literally.

I don’t work well under that kind of pressure. I love family sessions and kids. Portraits. Couples. The ones where we can kick back, relax, have fun. We have the time to run around and play. There is no set ‘schedule’ or a ‘planner’ telling me we have 5mins left!

Recently, I was asked by my good friend, Krista Fogel of Fogel Photography to assist her in a wedding she was shooting down at Archeo in the Distillery District of Toronto. She knew I’d never shot a wedding before but believed in me (thanks, K!!!) enough to convince me to do it. Krista and I have done a few events together and help each other out when we need an extra set of hands, greeting clients at each others’ events, holding a reflector, or just moral support. Photography is a tough business to break into and we support each other as much as we can. Amazingly, we’ve grown more in the past year or so together than all of our years previous….combined. I <3 her.

So, as a 2nd Shooter and assistant, my job was generally to complement the shots she was taking. We had a game plan and I think it worked out fairly well. Generally I was shooting candids and expressions while Krista captured all of the posed and typical wedding shots.

By the end of the day, we were exhausted. Oh…and starving! We only stayed for 6hrs and kind of ate on the run, not wanting to miss a thing! It went quite smoothly and we covered the wedding beautifully :) You can check out Krista’s blog coverage, too.

For my very first wedding, I’m pleased with how it turned out. I learned a TON on the fly and I can think of thousand things I’d do differently next time. Yeah, I said next time. I’m not sure I’m ready to shoot a wedding myself, but I’d happily assist Krista again. So, that’s a big step right?

So what did I love so much about capturing this wedding? The love. L.O.V.E. LOVE! What an absolute pleasure it was to be in a room with so many friends and family who loved Kirsten and Shane. They were such a magnificent couple and you could tell they were just meant for each other!

I hope you enjoy the images I’m sharing. Please leave comments! I looooove comments!

(PS – I wanted to create a video montage of just my images, but I’m struggling a little with the video uploader here, so a handful of select images will have to do. If I ever figure it out, I’ll update the post! I’ll post some extra pics on Facebook as well if you want to go check those out.)


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