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Hometown Wedding – Sherry & John – Little Lake Park – Midland, Ontario

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

It’s always a great honour when your own family and friends ask you to photograph momentous occasions in their lives. Last fall, my little sister’s best friend asked me and Krista to capture her long-awaited wedding up in my hometown – Midland, On.

Not only was it a blast to bring one of my very best friends and fab fellow photog/partner-in-crime, Krista Fogel of Fogel Photography to the town where I was born, but Krista and I also got to watch Sherry marry her long-time love, John. The two met online several years ago and they’ve been together ever since – even though they lived nearly 1000km apart! Sherry moved down to Annapolis, Maryland to be with John last year and it’s warmed my soul to watch their love grow even stronger now that they finally live in the same town!

I swear I cried no less than 3x AT the wedding and twice editing their images and then putting together their final slideshow which I’ve shared below with you.

Feel free to leave messages of love and congratulations to Sherry & John in the Comment section at the bottom of the page!


Bride and Bridesmaid Midland Wedding

Bridesmaid Midland Wedding

Bride - Midland Wedding - Little Lake Park Gazebo

Sherry & John - Little Lake Park Wedding

Little Lake Park Wedding

Midland Wedding


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FAMILY DAY Mini Sessions

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

***A couple of spots left as of FRI FEB 17 @ 9am***


In my mind, Photography + Winter = My Misery. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind the winter but I’m not a big fan of shooting outside for very long when it’s cold! Over the past few years I’ve been trying to find a solution to my whining cold-weather dilemma and I’ve finally done it!

This FAMILY DAY (Feb 20), I’ll be moving into Lazy Daisy’s Cafe for the afternoon and turning a corner into a cozy, mini-studio. From 2pm-7pm you can book a mini Family Portrait session. Family Day is a great opportunity to get your family’s portrait taken.

When’s the last time you had ALL your family in one photo? It’s time.


It's Family Day! Celebrate with a Family Portrait by Sara Desjardins Photography :)


Lazy Daisy’s Cafe – 1515 Gerrard St E @ Coxwell, Toronto


Monday, February 20, 2012 from 2pm-7pm


Book a Mini-Session if:

  • *You want to mark a milestone in your family’s life
  • *Your child may only last for 20mins
  • *You want a small taste of custom portraiture at a smaller price
  • *You’d like to have your family photographed several times per year
  • *You’re looking for a laid-back experience and less formal posing
  • *You heard about me through a friend and want to see what I’m all about
  • *You are just looking for a few updated images and appreciate the savings and opportunity of these limited sessions

Mini-Session Details:

$150 Session Fee includes:

*Short but sweet, 20-30 minute session

*10-12 beautifully edited Black & White images in a password-protected online gallery of proofs

*ONE 11×14 professionally mounted wall print with Embassy Texture, ready to frame

*TWO 5×7 professionally mounted gift prints with Embassy Texture, ready to frame

*Pre-Session Wardrobe Guide for Black & White Portraits

(Valued at $240)


Email Sara at

Fine Print:

*HST is not included
*Due to space restrictions, maximum 4 people per session.
*Please understand that the session *must* run on time, lateness will not be accommodated.
*All sessions/images are treated just as they are in my full sessions; standard contracts and model releases are still required; there are fewer images to choose from.
*A CD of all hi-res images will be available for purchase, as well as other prints & products
*No additional session fee or minimum order required.
*There are a limited number of sessions available. To book a spot, please email Sara ( and let her know you’re interested in a spot. Booking will be first come, first served. Messages/emails will be returned in the order they are received.
*The mini-session fee of $150 is required at the time of booking to hold your spot. Payments may be made out to: through PayPal or Email Money Transfer through your bank.
*Galleries will be available 2-3 weeks after the session date. Galleries will be available for 3 days.
*Orders will be delivered approximately 4-6 weeks after they are placed.



If/when ALL of the sessions are booked, there will be a draw held. Everyone who books a session will be automatically entered.

PRIZE? $150 Print Credit! Yaay!


Stay Tuned for the Biggest SUMMER Sale!

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

Summer Sale Poster


Stay in touch with me! Come join me over on Facebook and be the first to know when I’ve announced this Special Offer.

Have Questions? Send me a message here. I’d LOVE to hear from you!

Want to do me a favour? Share this link with others if know someone considering Family Portraits this summer.

What do you think the sale will be? What do you think it *should* be? Leave me your thoughts below.



Rainy Day Baby – {Toronto Maternity Photographer}

Monday, April 18th, 2011

Although the weather was WICKED on Saturday, there was a whole lot of joy and light at Lexy and Mark’s place! At about 6mths along, Lexy is one lovely expecting Mama!!! I had the privilege of spending the afternoon with them capturing some of those miraculous moments of growing another human inside your belly. Seriously….I find it so incredibly amazing and powerful that a woman’s body is capable of such things!

We had a ton of fun playing indoors and out  – and might I say, it was about 8C out and POURING rain – but they were game for whatever shots we could think up! A photographer’s dream :D

Congratulations, Lexy and Mark! Can’t wait to see your little person!!!


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There’s a first for everything! {My First Wedding – 2nd Shooter at Archeo in the Distillery}

Friday, April 15th, 2011

Having gone through my own wedding, attended dozens of others and been involved in a few, I have come to one conclusion: I have ZERO interest in ever becoming a wedding photographer!

I have the utmost respect for Wedding Photographers – they deserve EVERY pennyfor the work they do. The images they capture are literally moments in time. Very. Very. Very. Brief moments in time. There is no do-over. There is one shot. Literally.

I don’t work well under that kind of pressure. I love family sessions and kids. Portraits. Couples. The ones where we can kick back, relax, have fun. We have the time to run around and play. There is no set ‘schedule’ or a ‘planner’ telling me we have 5mins left!

Recently, I was asked by my good friend, Krista Fogel of Fogel Photography to assist her in a wedding she was shooting down at Archeo in the Distillery District of Toronto. She knew I’d never shot a wedding before but believed in me (thanks, K!!!) enough to convince me to do it. Krista and I have done a few events together and help each other out when we need an extra set of hands, greeting clients at each others’ events, holding a reflector, or just moral support. Photography is a tough business to break into and we support each other as much as we can. Amazingly, we’ve grown more in the past year or so together than all of our years previous….combined. I <3 her.

So, as a 2nd Shooter and assistant, my job was generally to complement the shots she was taking. We had a game plan and I think it worked out fairly well. Generally I was shooting candids and expressions while Krista captured all of the posed and typical wedding shots.

By the end of the day, we were exhausted. Oh…and starving! We only stayed for 6hrs and kind of ate on the run, not wanting to miss a thing! It went quite smoothly and we covered the wedding beautifully :) You can check out Krista’s blog coverage, too.

For my very first wedding, I’m pleased with how it turned out. I learned a TON on the fly and I can think of thousand things I’d do differently next time. Yeah, I said next time. I’m not sure I’m ready to shoot a wedding myself, but I’d happily assist Krista again. So, that’s a big step right?

So what did I love so much about capturing this wedding? The love. L.O.V.E. LOVE! What an absolute pleasure it was to be in a room with so many friends and family who loved Kirsten and Shane. They were such a magnificent couple and you could tell they were just meant for each other!

I hope you enjoy the images I’m sharing. Please leave comments! I looooove comments!

(PS – I wanted to create a video montage of just my images, but I’m struggling a little with the video uploader here, so a handful of select images will have to do. If I ever figure it out, I’ll update the post! I’ll post some extra pics on Facebook as well if you want to go check those out.)


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Interested in Bartering with me? | {Toronto Portrait Photographer}

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

{Please feel free to share this post with anyone you know who may be interested using the little buttons ie Facebook, Twitter etc, below}

 Hello friends  ♥ 

Over the past several months I have been astounded. Why, you ask? I have seen some truly amazing talents from my fans and friends! 

Knitters ♥ Motivators ♥  Organizers ♥ Life Coaches ♥ Fashion Consultants ♥ Teachers of various courses ♥ Handy People ♥ Florists ♥ Gift Basket’ers ♥ Marketers ♥ Small Business Consultants ♥ Accountants/Bookkeepers  ♥  ETC!!!

You’re all so creative and full of talent :) Some of you actually have small businesses and some of you just do it for fun. Either way, if you have a service, skill or a product that you think might be of interest to me, I’d LOVE to hear about it. I’d like to do some more Bartering this year (trading services for services) with the people in my community – are you up for it? :D

What does this mean for you?

If you like my photography (and I hope you do, given that you’re reading my blog ;) and would be interested in doing a trade, contact me! This may include photo sessions and products or even my artistic prints! Send me an email at with your proposal. You can also contact me on the “Contact” tab above, or through  Not all businesses, crafts or talents will be of use to me personally, but I still appreciate your work and may be able to refer some people your way as well if you have a small business :)

Ideally you’ll live in Toronto or willing to travel to Toronto at your own expense to do this trade. This may be a trade for time and/or products. I haven’t Bartered before, so if you have and have a system that works, great! Otherwise, I think the best way to exchange is straight time for time or COGs for COGs? I’m open for other suggestions, too!

Have a business you’d like to promote?

If you have a business (whether or not you’d like to do a trade), I’d LOVE if you shared your website or fan page here :) However, for obvious reasons, if you’re a photographer in Ontario, I’d rather you didn’t leave your link (conflict of interest and all ;)

So, leave a link and maybe even a brief description of where you live (because I have fans from around the world!) and what your services or products are and maybe we can just help each other! Lastly, if you feel comfortable doing it, I’d also be super appreciative if you shared this page with your friends, or even used the little Facebook button below to spread the love around :)

You’re all so fabulous and I want to thank each and everyone of you for supporting my passion. 2011 is going to be an amazing year….I can feel it!



Tips for a More Effective Headshot – {Guest Post by Elizabeth Beskin }

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

You know the importance of having a great-looking headshot for your website, social media sites, branding and marketing efforts. If you don’t already have an up-to-date headshot, it’s understandable you may feel a sense of urgency to get “something” out there so you can start using it for all these purposes. And in the short term, that may be an acceptable compromise.

But don’t fall into the trap of allowing a less-than-fabulous headshot to linger on your LinkedIn profile! If your headshot isn’t current, doesn’t look professional nor show you at your best, it’s time to change it.

Don’t make the mistake of settling for an up-against-a-white-wall shot that your friend took yesterday. It may be current, but won’t look professional. Remember, this is a photo that potentially everyone who comes in contact with you will see. That’s right…all those eyeballs are on YOU. A professional, flattering, effective headshot is well worth the small investment.Headshot

How do ensure you get an effective, professional headshot?

1. Find a professional photographer who knows how to properly light your face to look its best. Lighting is crucial and getting it right requires an expert.

2. Make sure the photographer has a simple, flattering background. Sometimes you’ll be locked into using a standard background that’s on your company’s website, but usually these are universally flattering. As long as it’s simple and not distracting, a professional photographer can ensure the background color won’t make you look washed-out.

3. If possible, schedule your headshot session for a time when you can arrive a little early, and not feel rushed about leaving. Being relaxed adds an air of composure to your portrait.

4. Before the session, drink plenty of water and get a good night’s sleep. You’d be amazed what a difference this makes: dehydration and fatigue really come across on camera.

5. Dress in the fashion you feel best represents you and your business. Your photographer should be OK with you bringing some clothing options. Jewelry (if any) should be limited to non-distracting pieces. Medium to dark solid colors are best. Small patterns are OK, but avoid checks and flesh tones.

6. Your photographer should have a professional, theatrical-quality make-up mirror in his studio. Use it! Make sure your tie is straight, your scarf adjusted just so, that cowlick smoothed down. Take a moment to be sure that you look the way you want to be seen. The added confidence of that one moment will read in your photos.

Following these basic steps will give you the platform required for today’s competitive marketplace. It all starts with YOU at your best, and the synergy you’ll find with the right photographer.


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