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Archive: August, 2011

Cake for everyone!

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

With a due date of July 15, a pool selecting every date but the due date, Mister Landen arrived pretty quickly on July 5. The day after his big brother’s birthday and three days after his favourite uncle’s birthday (not to mention June also holds two of his other brothers’ birthdays AND his dad’s!). Next summer is going to be Birthday Party Central at Landen’s house! That’s a lot of cake!!!



Pretty handsome little guy, huh? Newborns are my absolute favourite b/c they’re so cuddly and sleepy. Except Landen. He ended up napping all afternoon (snuggling in my arms – oops!) and was inconveniently awake during our mini-session. At least he got to show off those deep, dark eyes. Look out ladies!

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Pinterestingly Delicious!

Sunday, August 21st, 2011

This blog post is A.K.A:

Fried Goat Cheese, Roasted Chick Peas and a Green Salad Please!


Hey everyone! Remember me?

I’ve been a little behind on my blog posts. I suppose Summer has something to with that. I’ve been busy since we last visited. Nothing terribly exciting beyond the usual summer-y activities (theme parks, travelling around the province, hanging out with friends and family and sessions of course!) but it has been fun nonetheless!

One of my summer-y activities was meeting up and celebrating with my recently-engaged gal pal, Shawna Gardner. Her fiance proposed to her just before he crossed the finish line of the IRONMAN. It really is a story I don’t tell nearly as well as he does, so if you’re interested, check out his blog post about the whole thing here: I get exhausted just reading this post. Oh…and Yaaaay Cavin and Shawna!!

Now, back to the story! Shawna is my health-nut friend (She ran the NYC Marathon just for fun – seriously). She makes me try food that’s good for me. Most of it’s pretty good, some of it….well, it’s kind of terrible. I usually know it’s terrible b/c it sits on her desk at work for most of the shift, forces herself to eat it and but also offers it to me several times, without the usual ‘You should try this – it’s SO yummy!’. Then I sniff it and say, ‘Oh it’s ok, I have some berries!’ Hehehe!

Having said that, she really does make amazingly tasty AND healthy recipes.

Shawna was the first person I dragged over to Pinterest. Now, whenever we have a spare moment, we’re usually Pinning and @’ing each other (Pinterest-speak for tagging posts the other person might be interested in). During a Pinterest-spree, we came up with the grand idea of making a Pinterest Evening. We’d try out some new recipes and a craft while drinking wine. Below, you’ll see *most* of our evening laid out. The recipes turned out perfectly. The craft…um…it turned out, but the process was nothing less than a disaster. I’m sure there are broken balloon pieces all over her apartment still. Here are the links of recipes/food/craft we tried:

ROASTED CHICK PEAS – from ‘The Chic Life Blog

FRIED GOAT CHEESE – from The Hungry Mouse Blog

TO DIE FOR CUPCAKES – from ‘Life is Sweet’ on Queen St/Beaches in Toronto

We started making these:
STRING CHANDELIERS – from Ruffled Blog
but the balloon kind of, sorta exploded – boo!
So we adapted and made these:
YARN BOWLS – from Life in General Blog

Have you had a Pinterest evening yet? Or planning one? Leave the links below in a comment, maybe I’ll invite myself over and we’ll do it together :D

Fried Goat Cheese, Roasted Chick Peas and a Green Salad Please!

The whole shebang

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